Nest Learning Thermostat

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Enjoy a warm welcome home thanks to nest thermostat giving you heating control from your phone .Buy today to get a Google Mini at no extra cost for just €130 incl. installation, that's a €370 discount off the RRP!


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Nest learning thermostat replaces the old fashioned heating control in your home. It is simple to use. It controls heating and hot water and comes with an app so you have control when your on the go. It is packed full of features, our favourite is the ECO mode which turns your heating off when nobody is home to save you money. 

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Small and mighty

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker with Google Assistant built in. Set alarms, play music or ask it how long it will take to drive to work today. Feeling chilly? Just ask it to turn up the temperature and Nest will do the rest. Google Home Mini RRP is €59 and is included in this special offer at no additional cost.

5 ways Nest works to reduce energy usage

Offer for new Electric Ireland customers

Switch to us today and include your Nest Learning Thermostat for €130.


Offer for existing Electric Ireland customers

As a loyal Electric Ireland customer you can spread the cost over 12 monthly payments or pay upfront for a Nest alone. You also have the option to include a Nest in with our Smarter Home Comfort Bundle.

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How do I Buy the Nest Learning Thermostat?

1. Appointment photo

1. Appointment

Select a date and time for installation that is convenient to you. You can do this online when you purchase the product bundle.

2. Assessment photo

2. Assessment

Once there, the installer will ensure the product will work in your home and suggest the best location for it.

3. Installation photo

3. Installation

Installation should only take 20 to 30 minutes, and all work will be carried out to highest health and safety standards.

4. Product Tutorial photo

4. Product Tutorial

The installer will register the device, show you how to create an account before showing you how to use all the product features. 

What else do I need to know?

Yes, a single Nest Thermostat can control one heating zone (radiators) and a hot water zone. 

Nest Thermostat will control hot water where there is a zoned heating system, i.e. where currently you can turn on your heating (radiators) and hot water separately with your existing timer or control. Nest Thermostat does not control the hot water immersion.

We recommend that your Nest Thermostat is installed in an area of your home with plenty of activity but your installer will help you decide the best location.

Nest Thermostat can simply replace your current wired thermostat on the wall if you have one. If not, it can sit on a shelf using the Nest Stand or be mounted on a wall powered by a USB cable supplied.

The Nest Learning Thermostat learns the temperatures that you like when you’re at home and then programs itself accordingly. It turns itself down when you’re away, so you’re not heating an empty house. That’s how it saves energy. 

No, Electric Ireland customers can avail of this special price and continue to enjoy the best long term energy savings on the market. And we don’t tie you into longer contracts with big penalties. 

Electric Ireland can install Nest Thermostat with the vast majority of oil or gas boiler systems. However, we do not install Nest Thermostat on the following heating systems:

  • Electric Storage heating
  • Underfloor heating
  • Heat pumps
  • Back boilers

If your home has 3 heating zones i.e. you can currently control upstairs, downstairs and hot water individually using your heating control, Nest Thermostat is compatible with this setup. However, you will need an additional Nest Thermostat to control the third zone. This can be ordered within the shopping cart using the quantity button.

The main Nest account is linked to one email address. Once setup, that person can grant access to other people using the Nest Family Accounts which can be easily done through the Nest app.

It is possible to move Nest Thermostat to a new property but this will require a professional to uninstall from your current address and reinstall at the new address at a cost. Alternatively, you can purchase a new Nest Thermostat for the new property at the same discounted Electric Ireland price.

Your Nest Thermostat will automatically switch to the Eco Temperature when it senses that nobody's at home. You can also set your thermostat manually to the Eco Temperature at any time, even when you're at home. You'll know that the Eco Temperature is active when you see Eco on your thermostat and in the Nest app. 

Home/Away Assist uses your Nest products' activity sensors and your phone's location to tell when everyone has left your home. Your Nest Thermostat will wait for a short while to make sure that nobody's coming back, then it will switch to Eco Temperature. When someone returns home, your thermostat will automatically switch back to your temperature schedule. Home/Away Assist can be enabled or disabled using the Nest App.

Yes, Nest Thermostat requires WiFi to allow you to remotely control heating using the Nest app. 

Nest will continue to work within the home. Without WiFi, the only feature not available is remote control through the Nest app. Changing temperature on device, existing schedules and ECO mode will continue to work without WiFi.

Nest can be controlled from an Apple (iOS) or Android smartphones or tablets. Nest app is also available on Apple Watch and Android Wear products allowing you to control your home heating straight from your wrist. Additionally, you can access the Nest app by logging into your account on any internet browser.